Humans EP Pre-Order

10/24/19 12:01 AM

Hello all! I wanted to update you with the status of my music. My upcoming release, Humans EP by Intersex is available for pre-order on the stores. You can find it on Amazon here. I will update with other links as they emerge. This release will be available on almost every online streaming service, including Google Play, YouTube, iTunes, Spotify, TIDAL, Deezer, Pandora, Slacker, iHeartRadio and more. I am releasing teasers for this content on social media later today.

I am working on music videos and lyric videos for this content and more, and they will be available online sometime early next year. I plan to make lyric videos and some music videos in a collage style using cutout photographs and drawings from artists. I am also looking for visual and music artists to collaborate with, please contact me on social media if you are interested. Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are useful for this purpose. You are also welcome to contact me with feedback, constructive criticism and comments if you so desire.

I have many other exciting releases coming up very soon. I am still planning to put an album together, but currently I am releasing singles and I might even release another EP before my album is ready. My music is stacking up to be everything I hoped it would be and I am really enjoying working on it. Thank you for being here and being interested in my music and writing. I am glad I have so many loyal fans and so much support from you guys. Thank you for reading, and enjoy listening!

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