Releasing Singles

11/20/2019 6:35 PM

Hello everyone. It has been a little while since I have posted, and I have been busy. I have been working on new content which I am releasing this year and early next year, an have pre-released some of this content already on my YouTube. I decided to do this for several reasons. First of all, the YouTube partner program pays more than most streaming services per view. This means that I can make money on YouTube even if I release my content before the official release dates when the music is available on the stores. Additionally, I was hoping for some feedback on my music from YouTube so i can get an idea of what people like and what they don't like.

My release, Humans EP, is still scheduled for release December 1. I put of the pre-release date a few days as I mentioned earlier, because I wanted to be ready for the release. I really hope you enjoy the content, it's not my best work but I felt like I needed to get it out there to show my fans where I am coming from. Hopefully you will at least enjoy some of the songs on the EP.

I might release a few more singles, but I would like to put a debut album together sometime soon. I like the freedom of pre-releasing on YouTube, being able to release whenever I like instead of waiting for AWAL to accept my releases, but I also need to give my label some time to make content available to film and television for licensing, as well as time for playlist placement on the stores.

All in all, I am satisfied with my work so far. I will continue updating this blog with my progress, you can expect an in depth post about how I write lyrics for my music in the near future. Thank you for your support, and please take a moment to check out the new singles I pre-released on YouTube. This can be done by clicking the "Listen Now" link on the homepage or the YouTube button on the about page.

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