My First Release

10/20/2019 12:38 PM

Last post, I wrote a little bit about how I construct a song in Ableton Live and bring my ideas to reality I can hear and sing. Today, I'll be talking a little bit about my first release and what it means for the fans, my career, and the future of this website and label. I am releasing a clean 15 minute EP titled "Humans" by Intersex including four pop songs with pre-order available November 17th and digital downloads available December 1st.

Initially, I had plans to release a full length self titled album including 20 songs, all with vocals. I don't want to change this plan. I still want to release a self titled album with 20 radio-ready 3-4 minute songs, but I'm not quite ready for it yet. Making an album is hard. So far, I only have a few songs that I really like, and there are yet fewer that are truly release ready. Also, my record label group reccomends giving them a few years for them to find sync licensing, that is film, TV and other placement for the music. I don't have a few years, because I'll need money to pay artists for the digital artwork I will be using to create audiovisual content to go along with my music. Also, I need to pay off debt I have from buying the software neccesary to make music. Therefore, I decided to release a few of my songs earlier to test the waters before I am ready with my full length album. Many artists seem to do this, so I figured it wasn't a bad decision for my career.

There are advantages of releasing a full length album over an EP, LP or single, but there is also something to be said for getting my foot in the door with an EP. I will have some money to work on audiovisual content, and also less of a workload in putting this content together for only four releases. I plan to first release lyric videos and then music videos for these releases. The lyric videos will be entirley animated, and the music videos will have a mix of animation and video which I will film this winter. I plan for these to be ready by early next year so I can work on my album which I will release next. Hopefully I will have enough money to travel for filming the music videos, but if not, I will film them here in Washington or somewhere on the West Coast.

I created some animation software which I will explain in a later post which I will be using to animate lyric and music videos for my music. Hopefully I will be able to get these videos on VEVO, and if not they will be on my personal youtube channel and I will see to promoting them personally on the channel.

Aside from working on my releases for AWAL, I have plans to find another sync licensing service for my instrumentals similar to what I was releasing before I signed to AWAL. I am waiting to hear back from sync licensing services I have submitted music to, and will update with another blog post about which one I choose and the music I will be submitting. I want to compose film scores on the side of my usual pop music, and I want to create exciting instrumental pieces for advertising and TV placement.

Moving forward, I will do what I can to update this blog as often as possible. I want to have plenty of content here so when my releases are ready, people will enjoy seeing where I'm coming from on this website. I'm also working on my autobiography which I'll stay active on social media promoting this website and hopefully things will take off from there. Thanks for reading everyone. I look forward to your feedback on my music after the release.

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