, a New social Media Site

2/1/2021 6:36 PM is a social media site I created with the idea of having a space to share my thoughts, work and photos with people who are interested, and for others to do the same. Uglek is a space for free thought and innovation, as well as a promotional space for music, art, photography, apps, websites and other media. Why should you use Uglek? Here are the features.

Uglek features text and image posting, as well as post likes and comments. It also features a follower system, so you can follow people and only view posts from the people you follow. You can also search the site, and send private messages with photo attachments to any user. If you need to reset your password, you can have an email with a link sent to you which will reset it.

There isn't a lot on Uglek yet, but I am going to update it daily or as often as I can with new content to keep my following engaged. It's a great place to see more if you like what you see on this website.

Thanks for reading. Be sure to check out

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