My New Game, WordSquares

12/12/20 10:00 PM

I'm happy to announce my new game is ready to play! This game is called WordSquares, and involves solving word puzzles made of squares of words. It is currently in Alpha which means it is ready for testing and will undergo more development.

You can play the game by clicking here.

WordSquares - A word guessing game

WordSquares is made up entirely of scrabble words, with four playable game modes from 2 letter words to five letter words. Tap a number to select that length of word, or tap the refresh (circle arrow) button to get a new word square. Tap letters to fill out the square, selecting where to place the letters with a tap. Scoring is based on correct letter guesses, with 2-5 points per correct guess depending on word length, and -1 points per incorrect guess. You win when you have successfully filled out the whole square.

This game is challenging, and addicting! Two letter words may be easy, but higher scoring comes with more challenging wordsquares. Best of luck to you in the game, and feel free to read the code if you're interested in how I made this happen!

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