My Newer and Older Artist Profiles

11/19/20 3:00 PM

As some of you may know, I have more than one artist profile. I started my career in the music industry working on various projects with friends and acquaintances, and the work I did was mostly singing and instrumentals. This is far different from what I have been doing in recent years.

I learned music from a teacher when I lived in Fairbanks, Alaska, for about 10 years. I mostly played violin and piano, dabbling in recorder and digital music as well as voice. In late 2018 and early 2019, I began making digital music using Linux Multimedia Studio. I started releasing this music in early 2019 under a name I chose from myself based on several names I used, "Jean" and "Jasper". I called it "Jean Jasper". Now on the stores and steadily growing in popularity, these instrumentals are a mark of my early competence at independently recording and releasing music. I didn't include any vocals in the music, but I did include plenty of variation and themes I had learned from music I listened to, such as independent and classical music. You can find this music by searching "Jean Jasper" on any streaming service such as Spotify or Apple Music.

Later on I began the project this website is dedicated to, Intersex, and built off of my digital music production skills with vocals and improved mastering. This was and is an exceptional experience, melding synthetic and sampled music with my own poetry and singing to create artwork people enjoy listening to. However, while working on this project, I found myself often left with music I had no place for on my profile as I wanted to keep my project dedicated to pop music.

As such, I created a new profile for the projects I didn't want to release as Intersex. You can find by searching "Jasper Camber" on streaming services. On this profile, I put the projects that go in different directions than the pop music. This music is different, and is worth a listen. Some of it is older, and its themes vary from upbeat to contemplative. "Mask" is short, triumphant and melodic, while his other single "Rainstorm" is otherworldly and meditative. The self titled album "Jasper Camber" is also available on this profile.

While I was sure to put together a profile for my practice, I also wanted to create a profile for some of my more perfected tracks and the ones that I thought would appeal to more people. As such, I released these tracks under my name, Jasper Holton, on SoundCloud and many other streaming services through the SoundCloud network. This music is my aim at being more expressive, and trying to show what I can't with pop music. The first single, "Portrait" is an appeal to a variety of styles I am influenced by.

I apologize if the lack of a cohesive profile creates some confusion for listeners. In the near future, I will put together some cohesive playlists for a bigger picture of my collection soon.

I am mainly currently working on adding to and updating my autobiography as well as fixes and improvements to my app, OpenChords. Additionally I am developing several games including WordSquares, a word puzzle game. A trailer is available for this game on my Instagram and there will be more information about this in my blog in the near future. I don't have a release date planned for the game yet, and will be developing it until it is ready to play.

I haven't been the best about keeping this website updated in the past few months because I have been busy with work, I started a new job as a delivery driver which has been keeping me busy. I will have more updates and hopefully a better perfected site within the next few months, as I will be better acquainted with my job and have more time after the holidays to write. Thanks for checking in and I hope you're having a great November.

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