Writing Music in Key

7/10/2019 12:20 PM

Learning to write music in key can be a difficult and daunting task. Particularily when it comes to learning major and minor chords, writing chord progressions, and adding a bassline to the track there is a major learning curve to making music. I hope to make this easier with software. As such, I created openchords.org in order to help people learn and write music in key. I will make a new post later or update this post with more information on how to use the software. For now, this simple guide should help.

  1. The menu works in a series of buttons and dropdowns. To change the key, tap major or minor or the letter (C), then select an key from the dropdown.
  2. To change the octave, use the up or down arrows (black triangles)
  3. Select seventh, ninth, and/or thirteenth to add these to your chords
  4. Select the number of notes to choose how many notes you would like in your chord.
  5. Choose an invesion to if you would like to invert the chord.
  6. Move across the workspace and up and down by dragging, tap to select a measure.
  7. To write a major chord, tap a button from the top row (eg I). To write a minor chord, choose from the top row.
  8. Press the play button to play back chords.
  9. Press the delete button to delete a chord.
  10. Tap a chord to select and play it.

I hope you enjoy using OpenChords. Your support helps keep it free and working well.

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