Moving to Ditto

5/7/2020 9:50 AM

As I noted in an earlier post, I am switching my distributor my streaming profiles were vandalized with poor music. In order to remove this, as my current record label does not support it, I will need to switch to another distributor. As such I have opted to terminate my agreement with AWAL and remove my music from the stores temporarily. The distributor I have chosen is Ditto Muisic, as they seem to be a reputable company at a competitive price. I have submitted the request to take down my music from the stores and it has already been taken down from Spotify, it will be taken down from the rest of the stores within the next 7-10 days. As soon as I see this, I will be ready to re-publish my music through Ditto and begin collecting royalties once again.

All the links to my profiles should be the same, but if anything changes the updated links will remain on this website (and you will be able to find me through search). Otherwise, please listen on Soundcloud or YouTube for the time being. Hopefully this process will go smoothly and I won't experience any problems getting my music published again. It's a shame to see my music taken down temporarily, but it's worth it to get a secure profile.

I don't know why AWAL doesn't secure profiles, they must do it for the higher tiers of the label. I don't like that they don't support this at the lower tiers, because it hurts artists like me. Anyone can upload music to a Spotify profile for free. Some profiles must be secured through the distributor, but about half of my profiles were impacted by the vandalism. The only way I can think to fix this is to work with a paid distributor instead of a free one. If I encounter any more issues, hopefully I can sort them out with Ditto.

On the bright side, I will be keeping 100% of the royalties from my music through Ditto. I won't have to split it with the label, so I will make more profit from my streams. Thanks for being patient while all this gets sorted out.

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