Artist Profile Vandals

4/30/2020 9:02 AM

Oh no! Someone posted music on my artist profile. Not to worry, I'm getting it taken down! This happens sometimes, especially with newer artists. Another artist managed to put an album of some (in my opinion) quite awful music on my profile. It's 17 minutes of harsh, hard to listen to, out of key and very unintelligent music. Please ignore this for the time being, it will be removed as soon as is possible.

I'm really sorry to inconvenience you with this. It's too bad to see that artist profiles are sometimes vandalized, but it happens to the best of us. Hopefully this won't last very long, and the music will be removed soon. It wasn't submitted through my label so it should be easy to remove.

Thanks for your patience everyone. I know this is annoying, and it's especially annoying that I know the person behind it, M***, and he knowingly vandalized the profile. However, this music will not remain on the stores and if the vandal tries to claim any money he will not be entitled to it.

Just to clarify, the album the vandal uploaded is called "Body Drop" (an idiodic threat) and you shouldn't listen to it. Enjoy some of my other music, you can find playlists by searching "Intersex Discography" or make your own. Have a great day :)

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