New Album from Jasper Camber

4/23/2020 9:30 PM

Great news everyone! I decided to start a new music project today and include in this project many of my older songs which don't have a topline. I'm sure you will use these excellent instrumental tracks I surfaced from my collection. The album, including 16 original songs, is titled "Jasper Camber" and I am releasing it under the artist name Jasper Camber on May 16, though the album is available currently on my SoundCloud. I chose to use this artist name to give you access to this music because I want Intersex to be purley pop music with a vocal topline. My Intersex profile will remain as is, though I am releasing a new single titled "Love Song" in June.

You can listen to the music while you finish reading this post by clicking the link below the photo:

Jasper Camber - Instrumental electronic music from Jasper Holton

I am really happy to share this with you because I felt it was such a shame to leave all of these songs unreleased. They were great practice, and I want to show you how I used this practice to get where I am today. Creating these pieces was also a challenge, so it is rewarding to see it paying off as they are available for everyone to view. I will update with a new post linking the music once it is on the rest of the stores, and I will also have links to the album available on this website as soon as it is released.

Instead of using AWAL for this new project, I opted to use and experiment with keeping 100# of the royalties from my music. The interface in Amuse need some work, it doesn't save unfinished releases. Also, it's inconvenient to crop the photo on Android as resolution is lost. As such I had to transfer a cropped photo and the files to my phone in order to upload. Adding all the track information takes a while, but the process is fairly streamlined.

Thanks for checking out this exciting new music. It's great to have this place to share with you what I am doing and see your support as the streams come in.

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