What Intesex Looks Like

4/19/2020 10:20 PM

I wanted to take a step back for a moment and take this opportunity to clear up the subject of what intersex looks like. Many of you may be wondering, what exactly is intersex? What does intersex look like? I'm sure you're wondering how intersex occurs, or can intersex people reproduce. We can reproduce, and I will get to how it occurs. People are intersex when they have a genetic condition which causes them to have a body which is neither distinctly female or male. Intersex people look just like everyone else, but we have both female and male organs.

That may seem confusing, but it's actually quite simple. In my condition, during fertilization this looks like an egg splitting and being fertilized by two sperm. This causes the intersex condition, as the body forms with both female and male organs. Intersex people have otherwise normal bodies and brains, and there is no cognitive impairment from the condition.

So in short, I look like any other female or male, but with the parts of both of them. I have breasts, though they are small, and I have male organs, as well as female organs. I was mutilated when I was younger, so I am missing part of part of my female organs. This is fairly common among intersex people, as sex reassigment surgery was well accepted for many years. When I was a child I looked quite female if I covered my male organs, and I looked quite male when my female organs were covered. However, I look different now because I have gone through some hormone replacement therapy.

Initially I took testosterone in order to look more masculine, because I thought I would feel more comfortable identifying as a male being as my female organs had been mutilated. The testosterone caused me to grow a beard which I found inconvenient, though I have been letting it grow out as you see in the photos. I only took the testosterone for about a year before I stopped as I didn't like the way it was making me feel.

Later on, I began to take estradiol and spironolactone (a testosterone blocker) in order to look and feel more feminine. This was going well for a while, and I did see changes in my body that I treasured, but the medicine wasn't making me feel very well and I decided to quit in order to preserve my health. I like to try to stay away from medication when I can, but I am happy with the changes I saw in my body with the hormone replacement therapy.

To summarize, do intersex people look like females or males? The answer is both, at the same time. We all look slightly different as we have been through different therapy and surgeries, some of us even look distinctly male or female on the outside. Our bodies are unique and different, but we are still human. We just look a little different. And there's nothing wrong with that. I hope this clears up what intersex people look like.

You might be wondering, what pronouns do I use? I use both male and female pronouns. There aren't really clearly accepted gender neutral pronouns yet (unfortunatley), so it's normal for people to refer to me with either pronouns.

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