Releasing Singles

12/5/2019 2:00 PM

I have been scheduling singles for release in the past few weeks and I wanted to talk about my plans for the future. I'm actually feeling under the weather right now, but I will continue practicing and produce more content when I am feeling better. I have been working hard to put out some content and find a balance of time for releasing, and there is a lot to do. I've come a long ways already, I've been improving this website, writing and producing, blogging, livestreaming, etc, but I really want to make this website a place for a large library of quality content. There is a lot more I plan to do.

I'm going to let you guys know some of the lyrics to my new single here. I really hope you enjoy it. This is the beginning of the song, coming out January.

A storm's on it's way, I know

Blocking out the sun above my home

Will we walk in the rain, alone

Or will we sit inside and watch it flow

The wind and the thunder above

showing what we all are made of

Will we get past the hate, to love

Or is the storm just what we have become

I really hope you take some time to enjoy the song. I'm still finding ways to get my music out there, but giving AWAL a little more time should help with that at least in part.

I want to work more on other projects while I am sick, so I have been working on making music videos and lyric videos in the styles I touched on in other posts. I can animate for the time being, and practice writing music even though it's hard to sing right now. I also have other projects in mind like film and game, but I really want to get a working rough draft of my autobiography catching up to present time. There's still a lot to do there too.

I think before releasing any more singles I'm going to put another EP together because you guys seemed to enjoy the first one. It's probably better to release a lot of content at once because that gives people a chance to actually sit down and listen to a few tracks, but I really like the flexibility of releasing singles. I can show people where I'm at without having to make a bunch of content flow together. I am working on a self titled album, but I want to work more on my autobiography first because it's doing wonders for my writing. I can write much faster now that I have had some practice and it seems to be something people are reading. I plan to put Google ads on this site too, so you can see reccomended content like the stuff here. It will be good to have some revenue from my music, because then I can get my own place and keep honing my talent without having to worry about the house being quiet.

Thanks for checking in. If you're looking to collaborate, message me on social media. I'll work with you. I want to put my voice out there, but I also want to participate in projects with other people.

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