12/4/2019 8:10 PM

Hello again everyone. I wanted to give you a short update to let you know what I am up to these days. I am a little bit sick, so this means I'm going to have to hold off on producing content for a little while because of my illness. I'll be better soon though I'm sure, and I have more exciting releases, including a new single called "On My Mind" coming up soon. In the mean time, I've been doing some work on my autobiography which really helps with my writing process. I've also been doing some livestreaming and working on production with other musicians. I want to collaborate, and I want to stream live as I work to show you guys exactly what I am doing when I am actually making music.

I feel like a lot of what musicians do feels kind of "under the hood" to those who are not musicians. I want to try and change that. I want to make musical knowledge more accessible, and show my fans how I come up with the ideas I do and fashion them into release-ready tracks in a finished state. I also want to go in depth about my ideas and get a chance to really talk to my listeners and see what they want. So I highly encourage you to check out my channel here and see what I am up to in terms of livestreaming if you are interested in my ideas and my process, want to collaborate, or even want to leave feedback. Of course, feedback is always welcome however you like to leave it.

I opted to upload my releases to SoundCloud even though I am not eligible for monetization yet. Hopefully when I have enough content and enough of a following I will be eligible, but for now they will simply have to go without being monetized. Hopefully most people will listen to my music on other services instead of mainly Soundcloud. Whatever happens, I'm just happy I have a place to put my music out there and I am even building a small following with my investment. It's great to see you guys active on this site, on the streaming services, and see your continued support. Thanks again for being the best fans in the world.

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