Pre-Order Week

11/26/2019 3:15 PM

My release date is approacing for Humans EP and I wanted to talk a little bit about what I am doing with the content. I will be pre-releasing three of the songs exclusivley on YouTube before the release, and releasing the last song on December 1. I plan to promote this music on my website and on digital streaming services like Napster and Spotify. I will also be posting and streaming about this content online, talking about how I created it and the stories behind the songs. I am also releasing four singles over the upcoming months. I plan to put together an album next year.

Napster seems to be a good way to make money in the music industry. They pay 1.9 cents per stream, so their payout is much higher than the other streaming services. I also will be getting some of my music on playlists and on film and TV once I have enough streams. I just need some streaming history to prove my music is worth a listen. YouTube seems to be a success, considering I have good retention and a growing fanbase. AWAL seems to have correctly licensed the videos as well.

Before release day, I need to take more pictures for my Instagram. Instagram seems to have really good SEO, as I show up there as the first result every time. I'm sure I will eventually get better SEO elsewhere too. SEO isn't everything, I need to work on more content to get on playlists. I also need to put more content on this website to show I am active and encouraging in the careers of my peers. I want to help people learn to write music how I learned, because I have found so much pleasure and comfort in making music in the way that I do.

The past few days, I have been working on new releases, sorting through photos to post on social media, playing violin and guitar, and making more music. I tend to make a lot of music for myself, and I end up with a lot of content I'm just not using. However, what I write and enjoy I plan to release, as my music emerges and is celebrated. I've really been enjoying entertaining you so far, and I hope you like my music. If you do, please feel free to support me on Patreon. I am releasing more exclusive content as well.

I bought a webcam exclusivley for this purpose, and I plan to do livestreams on my personal YouTube which I will link on this site once I have content. This should be a fun way to interact with everyone and let you guys know what I am up to when I am making music. I'm always open to suggestions too, especially songs and bands I should write in the style of. I enjoy taking influence from other styles of music, it always gives me new ideas.

That's about it for pre-order week. I feel like I should say more, and maybe I will over the next few days, but I don't know what else I should say. I need some streaming history before I can reach out to blogs, so right now I just need to let the music do it's work. Thank you for your viewership, it really means a lot to me. I appreciate everyone's continued support.

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