Chapter 28 - Work

I began searhing for a job immediatley. I knew I needed to work to be safe, but I had no idea who had attacked me or what had happened. I hoped I was safe. I went in to apply for a job at a burger restaurat in Everett, and they hired me on the spot. I worked the next day, a similar job to the pizza place I had worked at before. Most of my job involved serving customers, which began to bore me. However, I really wanted to get in-state tuition so I could go to school. I didn't want to abandon my studies so soon, even though I had to leave Hawaii to get away from my foster family and the people at school.

I worked nearly every day. I got a second job, this time at a grocery store, and worked nights too. Some of my shifts together would total over fifteen hours. I was exhausted, but I still found energy for a new project. I began to make music, first on the computer, and then on a violin I was given. I tried to make music often, as even when I failed to make something that sounded good I felt like I was honing my talent every day. I was improving, and some of the music I was writing wasn't sounding half bad. I released under the artist name Jean Jasper, a few instrumental pieces I made using synthesizers I had gotten for free on the internet. The music gained some popularity, and I was motivated to make more. I continued working, writing and releasing music.

Months later, I submitted some of my music to a record label, AWAL, to see if I could build some momentum in the industry. I was accepted with the artist name "Intersex", to my thrill and delight. It felt great to be recognized for my identity. I began making music in more of a pop style, writing every day and practicing my singing and breathing. It felt really good to sing, as I knew people would hear my music and enjoy it. I couldn't have asked for anything more, but I still knew I had to find a better place.

I started school, this time with just one English class, and I began to realize I needed a better place to stay. My saftey was important, as I had been attacked and my body was still fragile and healing. I couldn't stay with my foster family because of their attacks, so I looked for another place to stay. Things were getting worse, and I began to fear my dreams would never be realized. I worked through my struggle. I held on.

Things were getting better as my music was released and people started appreciating it. I started getting more respect and credibility as my songs got played on the radio and at my work. Having music and having a following is such a powerful thing, as it enables me to share with the world what I love and work on my own time. The many dark events in this autobiography so far may seem disconcering, but things really were improving.

This is where I have gotten in my autobiography so far. More has happened, and I will continue to write, but for now, thank you for reading! And please enjoy my music and the rest of my website.

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