Chapter 26 - America

This was my tour of Europe. Peaceful, but as the time went on, I began to fear my return to America. Would I be accepted, or would I have to return? Would I even be safe in America, after what had happened? I spent my days feeling uneasy, until the last day came and I was invited to stay. I only declined because I wanted to finish high school in the America, I had come so very close.

I returned, first to Alaska. I met my friends and reconnected, but soon I moved to Hawaii with my foster family. Hawaii was different, and it didn't feel safe. I stayed there for only a few months, before I opted to return to Alaska. I stayed in a cabin and finished high school on my own, with support from my foster family. It was good to be alone, but there were some downsides. I quickly began to realize that due to Alaska's isolation, Alaska isn't safe. I couldn't be there too long. I stayed for the summer and worked, but soon I moved to California for college.

I went to University of California Santa Cruz for college. The college didn't seem bad at first, despite getting attacked by my foster family on the way there, but I quickly began to realize life at a college like this was darker than I thought. I was attacked at the college too, this time by a student, and I had to defend myself. I used a knife, and stabbed my attacker after he followed me to my dorm room. The police and EMTs came to the site and he was revived, but the police cautioned me that California laws are a grey area when it comes to attacks. Later on I had more struggles with the same person, culminating in a gunfight between redwood trees. I wasn't hit and everyone survived, but the police were not happy with the occurence. I didn't bring any weapons back to school.

I was rejected by the students. No one wanted to be associated with me after what had happened. The sheriff came to me in the dining hall and attacked me publically. He was delusional, thinking I had a gun inside of me and he would get it out. He attacked me, so I grabbed his gun and told him to leave. He continued to attack and threaten me, so I shot him in his bulletproof. Flipping the auto sear, I warned him that I would defend myself. I shot him again, this time in the neck, and opened the door to leave. He grabbed on to my leg tripping me, so I shot him in the head. I continued out the door, throwing the gun away. Someone grabbed it and started threatening me, so I took it back and shot them in the leg. I left, back to my dorm room, where the police followed. I invited them inside and they asked me questions, I assured them I had done what I could to protect everyone and defend myself. They let me go to sleep, but I didn't sleep well. I was feeling worse and worse, about my career and what had happened to me.

Overall, I hadn't done anything wrong. But I was going to court for what had happened. A few weeks later, before finals, I was placed on a hold to make sure I was innocent, and I found myself on death row. I plead innocent, but my doctor broke the law and entered the plea as guilty. Some of the other people on hold with me drugged me, and I slept through my trial. I was told about my execution a day before the date. I called everyone I could to try to change something, even the president. He told me that might try to help, but there was little he could do. Usually these things didn't happen, or so I hoped.

The next morning, I felt frustrated that I had been given no chance.The executioner suggested I choose a song before my execution, and asked me what my last words were. I selected "Patience" by Nas and Damian Marley, because I felt I had been patient. I was injected with a muscle relaxer and sedative first, but the executioner was sloppy and injected my muscle. I was supposed to be unconcious by this point, but I was concious when he injected me with the potassium chloride, used to stop the heart. I screamed and screamed and my doctor walked in, on the phone with the president, who said the execution was being stopped. The executioner continued to push the needle, and I had been lethally injected.

I woke up hours later, during a blood transfusion. I was given donor blood and a pump for my heart, and the potassium chloride had mostly been flushed out of my system. It burned though, every inch of my body ached and hurt. It was the most painful experience I had been through, and I had been shot and mutilated already. As soon as I was awake fully, I was told that I had been found innocent in supreme court. The state court had found me guilty, while supreme court had not. I survived, but barley. I was released several days later.

People still hated me at school, but in the music industry they didn't. I saw a few stars, some of my favourites, and began to realize how much my brain had been damaged. I wasn't even able to type properly when I wrote in my journal. Everything was a struggle for me, but even this made me feel young again. I held on.

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