Chapter 25 - Germany

I woke up in immense pain. It was time to leave. I wasn't sure what was wrong. My whole belly hurt. I walked upstairs and noticed the zipper had moved on my bag. I didn't think anything of it. People were in my home, seeing me goodbye, but everything was just a blur to me. I finally felt better when we got to the airport and I left my family and friends, but as soon as I began to go through security I knew there was some kind of problem.

I walked through the metal detector, setting it off. I was quickly grabbed and knocked to my knees, and I felt cold metal against the back of my neck. Someone had a gun.

I don't remember the words that were said. Threats were made, but eventually the person with the gun let off and let me go, and I was told there was something inside of me. Something big, and metal. I didn't know what it was, and they asked me. I told them what I knew. I had been drugged. Suspicions rose.

I was allowed to enter the flight, they were calling it a glitch in their machine. On board the airplane, I was told what was inside of me. And it was worse than I thought. It was a firearm. People were telling me it could be more of a weapon than I even thought. With uranium and a few simple parts, a gun an be a nuclear weapon. I was scared, so were others around me. Someone had attacked me with a weapon, trying to implicate me. This was being investigated. I told the truth, and someone volunteered to help me get it out, so I obliged. Drones followed our flight south to Anchorage. We flew on, unnacompanied, mostly in silence.

I went to a hotel somewhere in the United States, where the weapon was taken out, as I couldn't bear the burden of danger. I was simply too small, and too vulnerable. I met a few familliar faces on the way to Germany, I'm not even sure who, but I remember they were familliar. The travel wasn't too long, and before I knew it I was in Amsterdam. The airport police told me my bag had been flagged for inspection and I followed them to watch them inspect it. They already knew what was there, I could tell, and I knew it was bad. After talking me through it, risks and penalties and such, they pulled a blank AR-15 reciever out of my bag. The reciever wasn't mine. I didn't know whose it was.

They confiscated it from me and I continued on my travels, as I was not trying to bring weapons with me. I was innocent, and I was delighted to see my new host family holding up a sign for me in Germany. They are loving, friendly people, who welcomed me into their house with much enthusiasm. I rode my bike around, socialized with other exchange students and the locals, and went to school. School was challenging in German, but I was learning quickly.

I even ventured as far as to take the train when I felt inclined, and I met with other exchange students in various cities. It was an exhillarating experience being in a new country, and I loved nearly every moment of it. Before long, it was time for our Germany and Europe tour. I departed, looking forward to spending time with exchange students, taking the train to meet in Duisburg for the tour.

Being on the bus was nice. It felt good to be moving and seeing new scenery. We drove a circle around Germany, visiting the major cities in this pattern. It was a fascinating time learning about history, art and architecture and staying in hostels, but I was missing my violin at home and playing music. I began to sing for people, on the street as we walked or when we paused. I kept taking the time to hone my talent, playing instruments as they were avialable and learning as I could. Before I knew it the tours were over and I was itching to travel again. I went to Amsterdam, and enjoyed the beautiful scenery and music. There were many buskers here, and I wanted to busk on the street too. People lent me instruments, and I even produced a few songs with other people's instruments and software. I returned to the Netherlands several times after this, every time fascinated by the culture. It was clear my family was here, though I didn't meet many of them.

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