Chapter 2 - Revival

I spent several weeks in the hospital before I was healed enough for release. I can remember being in a lot of pain, but I don't remember much else. Thanks to the modern medicine the pain was managed, but I was still unhealthy having been born too early. I was placed in secondary hospital in Germany after I left the hospital where I was cared for and studied. I was quickly placed in a family once I was deemed healed, moving to France to live with a family called the Le Saouts. My foster father was a judge, and we lived a stoic life in France.

Things were moving fast. By over a year into my life I was able to walk and beginning to convere normally. I was able to see my parents and even other relatives. My mother was happy to see me and my father was as well. I got along with everyone, but I felt I was different somehow. I never quite fit in with the boys or the girls. It wasn't until I started learning the language better, which was confusing as I lived where multiple languages were spoken, that I began to understand why I didn't fit in. I was simply different because I was intersex. Most people treated me well, but some people treated me like a freak because of my condition. I was not obviously cognitivley impaired at this point, but I was certainly different than most other people I knew. These differences made it difficult for me to relate to people.

I was different because of the body I was born with. Most people saw me as a girl, but some of them still saw me as a boy. I was confused as to which gender I should associate with. I was lonely at first, because it was hard for any contact to feel appropriate at this point. I didn't realize what made me different until it was too late.

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