Chapter 1 - Birth

I am still rewriting chapter one in my head. Perhaps I will do this for a long time, as there is much to reconsider and details are hard to come by. For now, I will rewrite this chapter considering what I do know about my birth.

I was conceived in Europe, to a mother who is the biological child of my father. Therefore I was somewhat inbred, which caused a genetic mutation. This mutation gave me female and male organs at birth, a condition called intersex. To this day, I do not know where I was born, or how. I was born early, to a young mother of only thirteen years of age, somewhere in California. I wouldn't have survived without technology capable of sustaining my life outside of the womb, as I was born far too early.

In short, someone tried to stop me from being born. We saw him do it too: There were cameras in the house. I was buried alive, before police came to the scene and found me. From that point on, my life became a challenge. I was injured, I had been attacked with weapons, but I survived. Purley thanks to advances in medical technology, I was given donor blood, a feeding tube and a respirator, and I pulled through.

There may be more to this chapter which I cannot share yet, because of the danger that the information shared will be used to hurt people. I am still coming to understand how after my birth I survived injury and found home in various foster families. It is difficult to write more about these events because I simply have little memory of this time.

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